Saturday, 24 December 2011

I am a student now studyng chemical engineering at Carlifonia institute of technology. There are a lot of things I learnt in life . I have many things I look upto and many things I would love to do and all those things I achieve after being motivated by many. To be honest there are many people I envy and wish was in their shoes. there are 2 people I would like to acknowledge as really cute, sweet, pretty and above all very smart. The people I would call the owners of beauty and brains. I would like to thank NAKI HLOMAYI and AGATHA ALISTRATOV

The first time I new Nakkie I knew her as just this sweet girl with a pretty smile and determination. I grew to know her more. She is one person who showed me God can actually give someone everything that others could admire. She is one of the really smart people I know with a quick brain that grasps things. Her marks are so high in most of her subjects(especially mathematics and Chem). she is originally Zimbabwean with a lot of mixtures in the way. I thought that was all there was to know about her, Nakkie is also a model and very photogenic, good in belly dancing, swimming and volleyball. She is loved by many because of her cute smile, her tolerance, and ever excited spirit-above all her intelligence is envied by many. She is an accounting student currently at Wits university in South Africa. Nakkie has been to 7 countries excluding Zambia and Zimbabwe were she was born. Nakkie you are such an inspiration.

Agatha is one person I have known for quiet some time. She is a very generous, loving and outgoing person.The most oustanding thing about Agatha is her ability to speak infront of a large group of people and address such a huge crowd with so much confidence. She is also a risk taker and has taken many risky activities such as bungee jumping, scuba diving and paragliding. Agatha is also a very smart person who has recieved a couple of awards . Agatha is Russian by origin but currently studying actuarial sciences at University of Pretoria, SouthAfrica. Agatha, I take all the advises and inpirations you gave me...

As I put this up without informing the mentioned people, I apologise. I LOVE YOU BOTH +Nakkie Hlomayi@Agatha Alistratov +nakkie Hlomayi